Physical Causes of Stress

Physical causes of stress are mainly due to the modern life style, environmental exposures, financial stress etc.

Stress occurs when the demands upon an individual surpass the resources in his/her arsenal to meet such demands. There are many causes for stress, which may be broadly classified into physical, mental, emotional, personal, familial, social, professional, religious and spiritual.

Let us examine a few important physical causes of stress.

A. The Modern Life Style Stress: The modern life style is mainly responsible for the physical causes of stress.

  • Sedentary life style stress: Lack of exercise predispose to many diseases like obesity, Diabetes mellitus, problems associated with increased cholesterol etc. Toxic products of body metabolism accumulate in the body and the individual falls prey for a complex disorder called metabolic syndrome. This builds up stress with its associated effects on target organs. This becomes a vicious cycle.

  • Fast food culture: Fast food culture also predisposes the individual to obesity and the rich man’s selective nutritional deficiencies. Most of these foods are allergenic due to increased content of artificial food additives.

  • Excess consumption of alcohol, coffee, and cigarette. Though nutritionally worthless, these affect the body and mind in a number of harmful ways. Excess alcohol overburdens liver and the dependency state creates emotional distress in the individual and the family members.

B.  Exposure to chemicals in fertilizers, pesticides, additives and abuse of drugs, which slowly poisons the systems, are important causes of distress in modern life.

C. Competitiveness drives people to over exert themselves. It is common for athletes to push themselves beyond their body’s endurance. Many physically unfit persons attempt vigorous exercises without proper warming up.

Many individuals are workaholics and put in long hours of exertion at a stretch. Some employees are made to work extra hours by greedy employers. All these deplete body’s energy reserves and lead to exhaustion, ill-health and burn outs.  

D. Ecological abuse exposes people to harmful radiation, toxic wastes, chemicals and impure air. These adversely affect the wellness of the individual and his surroundings. Protection of one’s immediate environment becomes a personal priority and responsibility of each individual.

E. Lack of Good Health Habits: We tend to forget the essential requisites of good health (in addition to food and exercise) like fresh air, pure water and optimum sun exposure. Many people spend hours inside stuffy office rooms or ‘rest areas’ filled with smoke.

Daily intake of 8-10 glasses of water is essential for proper dispersal of nutrients throughout the body. Reduced water intake causes dehydration which could lead to many symptoms like drowsiness, weakness, headache, loss of memory etc. 

Regular exposure to early morning or dawn sunlight will do wonders for our complexion and general health.

Denial of any of these basic health requirements for prolonged period of time will cause dis'ease' and, of course, distress.

F. Other Physical Illnesses: Any other physical illness is bound to cause stress in an individual, as health concerns are one of the foremost things that will affect the peace of mind of a person.

Illness in other members of the family also produces varying amounts of stress and anxiety in an individual.

G. Financial Stress: Falling in debt is highly stressful for any individual. Inflation, insufficient salary, lack of additional streams of income, improper saving habits, over expenditure, failure in business all add to the financial worries of the individual.

H. Traffic Stress: Driving to and from the workplace is an immense gargantuan task in the metropolis and can contribute to the daily stress that an individual has to endure.

Traffic snarls, impatience, abusive fellow drivers, traffic accidents, parking tickets etc are the contributors for the traffic stress. The sense of helplessness felt during the daily commuting can be overwhelming at times.

The suppressed emotions can cause frustration, anger and depression if one does not learn how to handle this potentially threatening state of affairs.


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