If you have ever asked this question to yourself, it means that you definitely need stress management!

Personally we would advise you to practice a regular Stress Management Program whether you are over stressed or not. This is because the daily relaxation session will help you feel refreshed and keep you recharged throughout the day and also improve your performance potential at work and at home..

Ideally everyone should practice regular relaxation techniques. Not only is it important from the point of view of prevention of stress induced disorders, but for those already suffering from one or the other stress related diseases, it is mandatory also.

There is a simple way to recognize your stress status and your need for stress management program.

When you are faced with any situation, pause for a few moments to analyze your reaction/response during the event and after the event. Did you suffer from any of the following?

If you suffered from any of these, you require to learn to relax. You need stress management program. It is as simple as that!

Before planning the stress management program, it is advisable to differentiate between pure anxiety disorder (which will benefit from stress management) and major depressive episodes or a combination of these. In case of doubt, it is always preferable to have a consultation with a psychoanalyst/ psychiatrist and have a psychoanalytic workout .

The main criteria to differentiate between these two conditions are given in Table 1 and Table 2 .

Table 1
Symptoms of Generalized Anxiety Disorder
(You need Stress Management Program!)

  • Anxiety, restlessness, irritability

  • Feeling 'on edge'

  • Tension

  • Dizziness

  • Agitation

  • Frequent Urination

  • Inability to relax

  • Muscle tension

  • Sweating

  • Shortness of Breath / Dry Mouth

  • Palpitations (increased heart beats)

  • Abdominal complaints, eg., dyspepsia, hyperacidity, constipation, diarrhea

Table 2
Symptoms of Major Depressive Episode (MDE)
(You need Stress Management Program, but also require a prior psychiatric consultation  )

  • Depressed Mood

  • Crying Spells

  • Helplessness, hopelessness, worthlessness

  • Insomnia (loss of sleep)

  • Hypersomnia (excess sleep)

  • Loss of appetite

  • Hyperphagia (increased appetite)

  • Difficulty in concentrating

  • Memory loss

  • Fatigue

  • Anhedonia (inability to experience pleasure)

  • Constipation

  • Psychomotor Retardation or agitation

  • Excessive guilt

  • Suicidal ideas/plan

 If you or anybody in your house have any of the above symptoms, you should consult a Psychiatrist.



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