January 16, 2009


Measure Stress Level!

What Is Your  Annual Stress Level?

Before you set up an effective stress management program, it is essential to measure your stress level. Your Stress Level vary according to the type of stress you  face. As described earlier, stress can occur during positive changes as well as negative occurrences in your life.

To measure your annual stress level, take a printout of the following form and fill it out. Keep the score as a record for comparison after 1 year. This will also be helpful when you use the "10 Days to Stress Free Life" Program to anticipate and manage life change events.

The Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale



Stress Event

Stress Points

No of Times/year Score
1. Death Of Spouse/child. 100 X =
2 Divorce   73 X =
3 Marital Separation   65 X =
4 Detention in Jail   63 X =
5 Death of Close Family Member   63 X =
6 Major personal injury/ illness   63 X =
7 Marriage   50 X =
8 Marital reconciliation   45 X =
9 Fired From Work   47 X =
10 Retirement from Work   45 X =
11 Major Health Problems In Family   44 X =
12 Pregnancy   40 X =
13 Sexual Difficulties   39 X =
14 Gaining a new family Member   39 X =
15 Major Business Adjustments   39 X =
16 Major Change In Financial State   38 X =
17 Death Of A Close Friend   37 X =
18 Changing To A Different Work   36 X =
19 Major Arguments with spouse   35 X =
20 Taking Of A Mortgage more than $5000   31 X =
21 Foreclosure on a Mortgage/Loan   30 X =
22 Major Change in Responsibility at Work   29 X =
23 Son/Daughter leaving Home   29 X =
24 In-Law Troubles   29 X =
25 Outstanding Personal Achievement   28 X =
26 Wife Beginning/Ceasing Work outside   26 X =
27 Beginning or Ceasing formal school   26 X =
28 Major Changes In Living Conditions   25 X =
29 Revision Of Personal Habits   24 X =
30 Troubles With The Boss   23 X =
31 Major Change In Working Hours   20 X =
32 Change In Residence.   20 X =
33 Changing To New School   20 X =
34 Major Change In Usual Type Of Recreation   19 X =
35 Major Change In Religious Activities   19 X =
36 Major Change In Social Activities   18 X =
37 Taking A Mortgage less than $5000   17 X =
38 Major Change In Sleeping Habits   16 X =
39 Major change in family get togethers   15 X =
40 Major Change In Eating Habits   15 X =
41 Vacation   13 X =
42 Festival Celebrations   12 X =
43 Minor Violations Of The Law   11 X =



Total Score Comments
Below 50 Are you bored with life? Take action!
50-200 Congratulations! You are managing well.
200-300 Watchout! You need to slow down! Start Stress Management Program
Above 300 You are above the board! Buy 10 Days to Stress Free Life TODAY!

CAUTION: The above scale is only a guideline. Stress values may change according to individual responses to specific incidents in life.

In addition to this annual stress score, you need to know the Stress Score built so far in your life (The Life Score). At present this test is available only for those who have bought the 10 days to Stress Free Life Program.

Dr.Hanish Babu, MD has developed a unique program for stress management that will provide you with a life long stress relieving system. This stress relief program can be easily integrated into your daily schedule providing you with a life saving insurance against stress and its harmful effects.

You may fall into any of the 4 categories:

  1. Your stress score is below 50: Means even your good stress level is low. You have to get out and take some action to make life interesting and bubbling with energy!

  2. Score 50-200 :Your Stress is under Control. Congratulations! Keep it up

  3. Score 200-300:You are moderately stressed. Take precautions!Start the Stress Management Program as a precaution.

  4. Above 300: Severe Stress. CAUTION! Learn to Relax. Buy the 10 Days to Stress Free Life today!

We can help you here!

Our time tested, professionally built stress management kit will provide you with the solution to your problems, or, rather, would be problems!

When you order our 10 Days to Stress Free Life Program, you will get:

  • A specially compiled e-Book providing simple step by step instructions on how to manage your daily stressors and learn to relax (See the footer for the full contents).

  • MP3 audio 1: A treatise on stress and how to manage stress

  • MP3 relaxation audio 2: Daily relaxation audio to cleanse your mind and make it fresh and energetic!

  • MP3 relaxation audio 3: Fast track advanced relaxation audio for  people on the move...

  • Relaxation scripts  if you want to record the relaxation session yourself using your own positive individualized responses.

  • Free Subscription to "Tips to Stress Management" Newsletter

  • Special tips on stress free money management.

  • And, finally, a super BONUS package worth more than 197$ for you to use for FREE!


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This is a comprehensive stress management package by Dr.Hanish Babu, MD which includes an e Book covering all aspects of stress and its management, 5 MP3 Downloads for daily relaxation sessions and relaxation scripts for you to create your own relaxation audio recordings. You also get some superb Bonus e Books.

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