What are the Different Types of Stress?

There are different types of stress, good and bad.Most people think that stress is always bad. Nothing can be far from truth! A little stress is absolutely necessary for our survival in this highly competitive world!


Thus, we can classify stress into two groups the good stress or 'eustress' or the bad stress or 'distress'

Eustress: The Good Stress


Eustress is the good stress which helps us to improve our performance. For example, if there is no stress of performing well in the exams or athletic events, students will not study harder or the athletes will not sweat it out on the tracks. A certain amount of positive stress keeps us pepped up to meet all challenges and is necessary for our survival and progress in life. See also the Stress- Performance Curve.


types of stress

Distress: The Bad Stress

When stress gets out of hand, it becomes bad stress or distress, which will bring out the weakness within us and make us vulnerable to fatigue and illness. If distress is  continued unchecked, this will lead to all the ill-effects of stress.



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