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10 Days to Stress Free Life

Discover how you can  get rid of the pent up stress in your mind & body and finally stop stress from affecting your performance at work and at home…

Yes… Here is the Perfect Stress Management Package specially designed for YOU and YOUR FAMILY!


dr hanish babu, mdDate   
Dr.Hanish Babu, MD  

          Hello! I am Dr.Hanish Babu, MD. Though a dermatologist by profession, stress and its effects on the body has fascinated me since my graduation days in the early 1980s. After indepth studies and research on how to effectively tackle unwanted stress , I chose Stress Management as the main topic for my training seminars as the State Trainer for the Junior Chamber International in 1987. Since then I have conducted, free of charge, scores of Stress Management Seminars for my patients, other medical professionals, executives, students and housewives. The positive response and the loving pressure from the participants of my training programs led me to reach out to a wider audience, the world community by releasing this program online.  I am happy to  bring my experience to you through this Stress management Package, the 10 days to Stress Free Life and sincerely hope that this  program will help thousands of persons  out there to lead a distress free, peaceful life.

            My  only request to you is this: don't be satisfied just by buying and going through it once as you would with normal books! Keep aside at least 15-20 minutes daily for your relaxation session. Follow the advices on the  practical tips to manage your special stressors . Then, only then, would the  10 Days to Stress Free Life have served its real purpose!

PS: I would have loved to offer this package free of charge to you, but as the saying goes, anything free is considered valueless! Hence this nominal charge. If, however, you are suffering from too much stress and would love to use the less stress program but (due to financial restraints)could not afford to, please do write to me personally, I will definitely send you a complimentary copy.

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                     Did you know?

  • Today, Stress is recognized as the number 1 killer disease!

  • American Medical Association points out that 60-90% of primary-care physician visits are due to stress related problems.

  • In US alone businesses lose an estimated 200-300 billion dollars/year to stress related productivity loss and the treatment costs!


Uncontrolled, prolonged stress can cause your body and mind get out of control, and....cause umpteen number of diseases!


How does stress affect our body?

how does stress affect the body?

Certain types of chronic and more insidious stress due to loneliness, poverty, bereavement, depression and frustration due to discrimination are associated with impaired immune system resistance to viral linked disorders ranging from the common cold and herpes to AIDS and cancer!         

      The goal in treating stress is not to eliminate it as a whole but to learn how to manage it (i.e,how to relax) and use it to our advantage. As we strive to find an optimal level of stress in our lives we will start to see that proper amounts of stress motivate us to excel in our performance and disproportional levels of stress can suffocate and overwhelm us and cause untold miseries for our  psyche and the physique.

Stress and Performance

stress management increases performance

As the stress continues uncontrolled, a fatigue point is reached, beyond which the performance level comes down - leading to exhaustion, ill-health and, finally, breakdown. It is easy to see how Stress Management applied at the crucial initial stages can substantially increase your performance level!


Are you Under Stress?

  • Do you often feel very low?

  • Do you feel tired and weak throughout the day?

  • Do you lose your temper quite fast?

  • Are you suffering from the Stress related diseases like
     Diabetes Mellitus
     Heart problems
     Irritable Bowel Syndrome
     Frequent Head aches
     Anxiety/ depression
     Allergic diseases
     Decreased memory
     Inability to concentrate/distraught
     Loss of Confidence
     Skin diseases like Psoriasis, urticaria, eczema etc ...?

  • Do you often  find it difficult to wind down and let go?

If you are suffering from any of the above,

you need to SLOW DOWN !

You require a daily, stress management program to cleanse your mind and body and start afresh.....

 Stress is very expensive and dangerous!

Learn to Relax

 Time magazine's June 6, 1983 cover story called stress "The Epidemic of the Eighties" and referred to it as our leading health problem; there can be little doubt that the situation has progressively worsened since then. Numerous surveys confirm that adult Americans perceive they are under much more stress than a decade or two ago.


Unsolicited Testimonial

...will help lots of people beat the scourge of the modern day, the omnipotent stress..                          

stress free dr.patnaikDear Hanish,

I was astounded, to say the least, to go through your Stress Management Kit. Though I had known from your website about your training programmes and had attended a few of your leadership seminars, I did not know you had such an effective, exemplary program under your belt! I like the way you present a complex subject : precise, simple, lucid! The relaxation audios are cool and refreshing. Your daughters have also done an excellent job in the female voice presentations of the relaxation audios. I am sure your stress management program will help lots of people beat the scourge of the modern day, the omnipotent STRESS. Congratulations for a great Work well accomplished and superbly presented!

 Dr.Gouri Shankar Patnaik, Orthopaedic Surgeon,  Muscat.          More Testimonials

Though Stress  is a major health problem, most people live carelessly without giving  much attention to their stress levels and the harmful effects of un-restrained stress.

Are You One among  them?

Hmm....there is an easy way to find out!


Take Our Stress Test and Find Out Your Stress Level Now!


If you have taken the stress test, 

You may fall into any of the following 4 categories:

  1. Your stress score is below 50: Even your good stress (eustress) level is low! You have to get out and take some action to make life interesting!

  2. Score 50-200 :Your Stress is under Control. Congratulations! Keep it up.

  3. Score 200-300:You are moderately stressed. Take precautions! Start the Stress Management Program as a preventive measure.

  4. Above 300:  CAUTION! Severe Stress. Learn to Relax. Grab the 10 Days to Stress Free Life today!

If your Stress Score is above 200, sit up and pay attention!

The amazing 10 Days to Stress Free Life Program will give you the opportunity to take the reigns of your life in your own hands.



lead a stress free lifeGrab our Ground Breaking New  Relaxation Program TODAY!
A Stress Management package specially formulated for you
by Dr.Hanish Babu, from his vast experience of teaching and treating Stress induced diseases since 1987.....

POWER BRUSH your MIND with this amazing relaxation technique and make it as fresh as new- DAILY!

....and, use less than 20 minutes a day  to do so!

When you buy the 10 Days to Stress Free Life program,


  • A specially compiled eBook providing simple step by step instructions on how to manage your daily stressors and learn to relax .

  • MP3 audio 1: A treatise on stress and how to manage stress

  • MP3 relaxation audio 2: Daily relaxation audio to cleanse your mind and make it fresh and energetic!

  • MP3 relaxation audio 3: Fast track advanced relaxation audio for  people on the move...

  • MP3 relaxation audios 4 & 5 in female voice for a rich mellifluous experience

  • Relaxation scripts  if you want to record the relaxation session yourself using your own positive individualized responses.

  • Free Subscription to "Tips to Stress Management" Newsletter

  • Special tips on stress free money management.

  • And, finally, a super BONUS package worth more than 197$ for you to use for FREE!




Un-solicited Testimonial

..has given new inputs to my teaching techniques!

I felt enlightened after attending this practical seminar. It is one of the most important aspect of our profession, but usually ignored by people of our fraternity. I do practice and teach my patients some relaxation technique, but your lecture has given new inputs to my teaching techniques. Keep it up!

Dr.M.S.Kumar, Endocrinologist.                                                                           More Testimonials

There are dozens of other stress management programs on the net.
Why should I buy this one?

   For Three simple reasons!

  1. This unique stress management program not only preaches, but also teaches you, step by practical step, how to learn to get rid of your tension & stress within just a short 10 days and stay stress free there-after!

  2. The most important difference between '10 days' and the other stress management programs is that, 10 Days to Stress Free Life comes along with 5 ready to use, easy to follow audio relaxation downloads for you ! These relaxation audios are unique in that by just spending 10-15 minutes daily, you will be able to scrub any stress, any tension, any worries off and away from your mind! You will be starting each and every day fresh with renewed energy and vigor!

  3. Compared to the benefits to your family and yourself, the less stress program comes dirt cheap.

Want more reasons?

10 Days to Stress Free Life comes with a full financial management system for you to get your finances in line.

  • You will learn how to live within your means

  • You will learn how to save more and create your nest egg for a comfortable retirement

  • You will get tips on how to create multiple streams of income, working from your home

  • You will get a ready made Internet Marketing Business with all necessary tools to start making money online right from today!


Plus a Bundle of Exciting Bonuses!

Act immediately and get the following bonuses when you order today…

  • Bonus 1: Power Positive Thinking. An e-Book that will be a powerful tool for you in your fight against stress ($19.95 value)

  • Bonus 2: Harness Your Mind! Learn the intricacies of your sub conscious and learn to control it ($17 value)

  • Bonus 3: The 30 Minute Marketing Miracle. Master marketing techniques in 30 minutes ($39 value)

  • Bonus 4: The Affiliate Masters' Course. The celebrated "Bible" of affiliates by Dr.Ken Evoy ($97 value)

  • Bonus 5: The Lesstress Powerpoint.  You can become a Stress Management trainer yourself using this PowerPoint Presentation  ($25 value)

Yes!  $ 197 Worth of Pure Treasure-

Free for you if you Order Today, .


..and, all these comes with

OUR  8 WEEKS, Double Risk Free Guarantee!

Guarantee #1: If you're not absolutely thrilled, just askLess stress guarantee for a FULL REFUND  within 8 weeks. No questions. No hassles.

Guarantee #2: Even if you cancel, your efforts won't be for nothing. You'll  get to keep the Five Super Bonuses and the Relaxation audios as our way of saying "Thank You" for trying out the program. That's a guaranteed gain, no matter what you decide!

... That means you can try out this  UNIQUE STRESS MANAGEMENT PROGRAM  today at OUR RISK!. 

If it doesn't work for you, we  honestly want you  to ask for your money back. There is absolutely no risk, whatsoever on your part.


Un-solicited Testimonial

Relaxation session was very useful. Keep up the standard....

The program is  well arranged, organized ; very informative. Helped a lot to have introspective vision on how to avoid undue stress. Management of patients with stress is  a must, not only by advise, but something practical. Relaxation session was very useful. Keep up the standard." All the Best"

Dr.Sam Thomas M, Paediatrician                                              More Testimonials

Now  that you have made up your mind to tackle your stress once for all,

let us get to the final part!


The 10 Days to Stress Free package along with all the above  FABULOUS BENEFITS will cost you only $97 $46.95!

YES! A clear discount of 50% if you order today, .

Click Below to Place Your Order NOW!

Order Stress Management Package

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After your order is executed, you will be taken to the download Page where you can download the eBook  instantly

  1. 10 Days to Stress Free Life  e-Book.You will have to register the book for first time use. The instructions will be provided when you open the book for the first time.You can register the book maximum on 2 computers only.

  2. Inside the book, you will get links to the 5(Five) MP3 audio relaxation downloads(as zip files) that you can save on your computer and listen to using any MP3 player like Windows Media Player

  3. Download links to the 5 Super Bonuses  worth $ 197 will also be available on the same download page of the e-Book(as zip files).


Un-solicited Testimonial

..helped me to relax in a proper way                 

The programme has taught me how to manage stress in me and others. The relaxation session has helped me to relax in a proper way and to teach others the right way of relaxation and to fight stress in a relaxed way, with the exercises taught which are easy to be taught to others. Thus many will be able to manage stress by themselves without medication by this seminar. Well Done!                

Celine Doris, Staff Nurse                                                                                         More Testimonials


Your family counts on YOU to keep them

fit and healthy...Don't let them down!

The 10 Days To Stress Free Life package provides an easy and practical way to keep your whole family healthy and smiling throughout the day.

Save money from TODAY! Our stress management program will drastically cut down  your medical bills, as it will improve the overall quality of life  of your family, increase your immune levels to fight infectious germs, and avoid the triggering and maintenance of stress induced disorders that we have seen above.

Absence from work and school will be a historical thing in your household!

Your kids will study better, retain more of what they read, and remember things longer!

Your wife will no longer have the washed out feeling of being a mother, wife, and an employee all in one....

Your boss will finally recognize your efforts as your performance level and the relationship with colleagues will soar high as never before!


You don't want to delay this important decision of your life anymore!

Click Here to Order Now!

Wish YOU and YOUR FAMILY a happy, peaceful, energetic and prosperous life ahead!


Dr.Hanish Babu, MD


P.S.- Prevention is better than Cure! Prevent the major killer of modern times from messing up your life! Grab this unique Stress Management Package before it is too late to reverse the adverse effects of stress on your mind and body. You owe it to yourself and your family!

P.P.S.- Look at it this way -- $46.95 is really a small price to pay to keep yourself fit, both mentally and physically and get a bundle of exciting offers at the same time. This program truly gives you the opportunity to take the harness of your life in your own hands....Do Not Procrastinate anymore!


Still  undecided? Here is a gift from me for having reached this far!

A FREE subscription to the Lesstress Newsletter and Two exciting Gifts:

The Lesstress Newsletter
  1. Preview Pages of the "10 Days to Stress Free Life"

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